Neem Book Reviews



Neem Book Reviews

The Yoga of Herbs: An Ayurvedic Guide to
Herbal Medicine,
Frawley and Lad. 1986, Lotus Press, Twin Lakes,
For the first time, here is a detailed explanation and
classificationof herbs, using the ancient system of

Ayurveda. More than 270herbs are listed, with 108

herbs explained in detail.

Included are many of the most commonly used

western herbs with

a profound Ayurvedic perspective.

Important Chinese and special Ayurvedic

herbs are introduced. Beautiful diagrams and charts, as well as

detailed glossaries, appendices and index are included.

Miracles of Neem Tree, Verma. Rasayan Pharmacy,

New Delhi, India, 1988.

Neem was featured in the Doctors Prescription for Health

Living Newsletter during 2001.

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Neem: A Tree for Solving Global Problems,

National Research Council,1992.

National Academy Press, Washington DC.

The National Research Council is made up

of members of the National Academy of Sciences.

They undertook to study the incredible potential

of the neem tree. This book is the report of their

findings. Spanning a wide range of practical

applications. The studies that are discussed in

the book show that neem is one of the most

valuable natural resources to solve a wide variety

of global issues and concerns.

The book contains extensive information including

citations, safety tests and resources for follow up.

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Neem: The Ultimate Herb,

John Conrick. Originally issued

under the auspices of the Neem

Association. Updated edition Lotus

Press, Twin Lakes, Wisconsin, 2001.

Neem, The Ultimate Herb is the

most comprehensive book about

neem, the world’s most amazing

plant. This book provides

easy-to-understand instructions

for using neem along with credible

scientific evidence as to its

effectiveness. After finishing this

book, you will understand and

appreciate the amazing qualities

found in neem. You will also

be able to more intelligently

select quality neem products for your own use.

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Neem Book Reviews
Neem Book Reviews
Neem Book Reviews
Neem Book Reviews

Neem Book Reviews

Neem Book Reviews

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