Top Health Benefits Of The Neem Herb

Neem is the reliever of diseases according to traditional Indian healers. Its extracts have been used for thousands of years for maintaining overall health. The bark, roots, gum, leaves, and the seeds of the neem tree are all useful both internally and externally. Neem is known to have beneficial values for the reproductive system, urinary tract, and circulatory system. Various parts of this tree have been carefully studied by scientists.… continue reading

How to Make Your Own Neem Natural Insecticide

For centuries, India’s farmers have known that the Neem trees withstand the periodic¬†infestations of locusts. Neem extracts applied to vegetable crops repel locusts (Heinrich Schmutterer, 1962).¬†Like most plants, neem deploys internal chemical defences to protect itself against leaf- chewing insects. Its chemical weapons are extraordinary, however. Neem contains several active ingredients, and they act in different ways under different circumstances. ¬†These compounds bear no resemblance to the chemicals in today’s… continue reading