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 mike Breakthrough tooth salt with neem… (without the harmful chemicals found in commercial toothpaste)
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neem-toothpasteMost of us have been told all our lives that fluoride is important for dental health. Modern medical science hammers the false idea that without fluoride in our water supply and in our toothpastes, our teeth would be falling out of our mouths.

It’s said that if you repeat something enough times, most people will come to believe it, even if it’s not true. What the ADA isn’t telling you is that one of the most recent studies on fluoride published in the medical journal The Lancet classifies it as a neurotoxin that affects brain development.

The good news is, you don’t have to subject yourself to additional risks from fluoride. I developed my 100 percent natural Health Ranger Select Tooth Salt with Neem specifically without fluoride, triclosan (which the FDA recently banned) or other harmful chemicals, so you can have clean, healthy teeth and gums minus the dangerous chemicals.

In case you didn’t know, neem leaves (Azadirachta Indica) have been highly prized for a variety of medical uses throughout ancient times. Originating in India some 4,500 years ago, neem trees are often referred to as the “village dispensary.” The flowers of neem trees have a honey-like scent that can be smelled for miles.

Other ingredients include sodium chloride (sea salt), sodium bicarbonate, peppermint oil (mentha piperita), spearmint oil and myrrh powder, all of which have been used throughout the ages in support of dental health. And of course, these ingredients are lab-tested and verified as 100 percent organic and authentic.

Plus, my Health Ranger Select Tooth Salt with Neem is easy to use and very economical. It comes in powder form; just add a small bit to a wet toothbrush and start scrubbing. Not only will you enjoy the pleasant taste, you’ll really be amazed at how refreshed you’ll feel and how healthy and white your teeth will look. Brushing and flossing twice a day will go a long way towards preventing receding gums that can lead to more cavities and tooth loss.

The fact is, adding fluoride (which is an industrial chemical used to make deadly insecticides) to toothpastes as a preventative measure for tooth decay is an outdated notion that has little scientific basis. Not only that, but fluoride is also known to frequently contain toxic heavy metals – such as lead, arsenic and cadmium. These toxic elements tend to build up in our bodies over time and are associated with all sorts of debilitating diseases.

For years I have heard fluoride advocates use dishonest language in an attempt to deceive the public about its alleged benefits. Some have even stated that fluoride is okay because it is naturally occurring. But so is arsenic in well water, and we know that arsenic at elevated levels is toxic and even deadly to consume (it causes cancers across many organs of the body).

You won’t find any fluoride in my Health Ranger Select Tooth Salt with Neem. It’s 100 percent natural tooth cleansing with laboratory-tested ultra-pure ingredients and no harmful chemicals like fluoride.

Get yours today and feel the difference.

To your health,

– Mike Adams, The Health Ranger



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