Top Health Benefits Of The Neem Herb

Neem is the reliever of diseases according to traditional Indian healers. Its extracts have been used for thousands of years for maintaining overall health. The bark, roots, gum, leaves, and the seeds of the neem tree are all useful both internally and externally. Neem is known to have beneficial values for the reproductive system, urinary tract, and circulatory system. Various parts of this tree have been carefully studied by scientists.… continue reading

How to Make Your Own Neem Natural Insecticide

For centuries, India’s farmers have known that the Neem trees withstand the periodic infestations of locusts. Neem extracts applied to vegetable crops repel locusts (Heinrich Schmutterer, 1962). Like most plants, neem deploys internal chemical defences to protect itself against leaf- chewing insects. Its chemical weapons are extraordinary, however. Neem contains several active ingredients, and they act in different ways under different circumstances.  These compounds bear no resemblance to the chemicals in today’s… continue reading

Break away from toothpaste chemicals: Tooth salt with NEEM now here

    Breakthrough tooth salt with neem… (without the harmful chemicals found in commercial toothpaste) Natural News Insider ( ) – please forward Most of us have been told all our lives that fluoride is important for dental health. Modern medical science hammers the false idea that without fluoride in our water supply and in our toothpastes, our teeth would be falling out of our mouths. It’s said that… continue reading

How To Prevent And Reverse Osteoporosis And Tooth Decay

[ad_1] Osteoporosis and tooth decay are an ever increasing and costly problem in western industrialized nations. Both of these conditions have a similar root cause that lies with the modern processed food diet and over consumption of refined sugars. Refined sugars are especially dangerous since they greatly increase acidity of the blood leading to the leeching of calcium from the bones and teeth. This eventually leads to dental caries and… continue reading

4 Harmful Insects You Must Get to Know to Protect Your Home Vegetable Garden

[ad_1] In our last article and podcast we talked about insects that were beneficial to your home vegetable garden. Unfortunately not all insects are good, in fact most are bad. They will eat your vegetables, destroy the stems, tear up the leaves and even worse, bore themselves into the plants you are trying to grow. You can arm yourself to protect your garden if you can identify them and come… continue reading

Chronic Eczema – Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment

[ad_1] Eczema is a term for a group of afflictions that cause the skin to become inflamed, the most common type being atopic dermatitis. In Ayurveda, eczema is termed as “Vicharchika”. This disease is described as a dark-coloured, raised rash, with profuse discharge, and accompanied by itching. It is believed to be mostly caused by disturbed “Vata” and “Kapha” doshas. The skin, stomach and blood tissue are believed to be… continue reading

Hives – Chronic Urticaria – Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment

Urticaria, commonly known as “hives” typically develops as rash on the skin, accompanied by severe itching. Acute urticaria is of short duration, up to six weeks, and is usually caused by certain food products, medicines, insect bites and infections. This usually responds well to standard treatment like antihistamines. Chronic urticaria is usually of much longer duration, and in most cases, the offending cause is not known. Standard modern medicine may… continue reading

Chronic Renal Failure – Specialized Ayurvedic Treatment

[ad_1] Chronic kidney disease is defined as kidney damage or a decreased kidney glomerular filtration rate of less than 60, for 3 months or more, irrespective of the cause. This results in a progressive decline in kidney function, resulting in accumulation of toxic waste products, excess water and salts, increased blood pressure, anemia and many other complex symptoms. Chronic renal failure is divided into Stages I – V, out of… continue reading

Top 5 Herbs to Boost Immunity

[ad_1] Using herbs to stay healthy becomes a priority as fall and winter approach. Keeping the immune system strong is one of the best ways to stay healthy. When cold and flu season hits, you want to have natural products on your side to fight infections. Herbs work effectively, especially when taken as a preventative. Herbs can be taken singly but often work better synergistically, or taken with other herbs… continue reading